Rock-chan (ロックちゃん) is the main character of the manga Black★Rock-chan. She is a chibi version of Black★Rock Shooter and the protector of the balance in the Otherworld. Compared to her non-caricature version, Rock-chan is clumsy, childish and always hungry.


Her appearance is similar to Black★Rock Shooter: She has the two twin-tails, jacket, bikini top with shorts, and boots. The colors are black with white designs. She has a blue flame in her left eye just like Black★Rock Shooter. The only thing that is different from Black★Rock Shooter is that Rock-chan has a gentle and cute face and very smooth hair.


Unlike Black★Rock Shooter, Rock-chan has a child-like attitude, is clumsy, and always hungry.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

  • ★Rock Cannon - is the big gun used by Black★Rock Shooter in the OVA and Anime. Rock-chan has a ★Rock Cannon as her weapon as well.
  • Sword - Like BlackRock ShooterRock-chan also has a sword. It is one of her weapons that she uses to defeat her enemies.


Rock-chan has the chibi appearance and personality of Black★Rock Shooter. They are the opposite of each others. Black★Rock Shooter, Black★Rock Shooter Beast, Stella, Rock and even Insane Black★Rock Shooter have many simillarities, but only Rock-chan is the only different among them all. 

Difference between the appearances of Black★Rock Shooter of OVA and Anime and Rock-chan:



Brave Face

Cute Face


Tall Short
Brave Attitude Scaredy Cat
Fighter Joker
Always Serious Over Acting
Does not Eat/Rarely Eats Loves Eating and Always Hungry