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Ron (ロン, Ron) is the deuteragonist of Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


Ron's first known form is that of a black snake-like creature with ridge-like features protruding on the back, no discernible eyes, and a white line that runs along each side of the body. Rock can transform Ron into different kinds of weapons in combat, with cannon and sword being the most common forms, but other forms are also possible, such as a baseball bat.[1]

When Rock imagines Ron in her desired form, Ron takes form of a young handsome man wearing a black long coat with a hood reminiscent of their snake-like form's head.


Outside of battles, Ron acts as an advisor to Rock, particularly on Stagnant Soul investigation. They can be openly blunt with their feelings and opinions, and will not hesitate to make fun of others in a mocking tone. However, Ron can also have a serious side when the situation calls for one.

Despite their demeanor, Ron cares for Rock as a companion, and does not abandon her even when Nico advises them to find a more reliable replacement, or when Rock is about to break apart mentally. They are also known for bravery in battle, a factor that Rock takes into account to power her fighting strength when battling against Ram.


Little is known about Ron's past. Their model designation is 04220010.[2] Nico and Ron are acquainted for some time before Ron is partnered with Rock as the latest Black Star.[3]

Rock and Ron are implied to have partnered for some time by the time they defeat Jack.[4] However, upon encountering Hanako Nakamura and a Stagnant Soul that is sealed deep below the Tower, Rock shows intense emotions when recollection of Stagnant Souls' past lives resonate with her sealed memory, which becomes a source of concern for Ron.[5][6] They hid this matter from others, including Nico and Acta, when they have to team up to take down the soul of a tiger. When Acta is mortally wounded in battle, Rock tries to save her, prompting Ron to confirm once again that Rock is becoming increasingly emotional.[3] Nico advises Ron to find a new soul to replace the increasingly emotional Rock, but Ron brushes them off .[7]

Encouraged by Ram, Rock becomes increasingly interested in finding her lost memories, but Ron cautions her that such endeavor holds little meaning in the Threshold. Later, the two encounter a "Type D" Stagnant Soul, who offers the Rock a glimpse of her past life via hypnosis. Fearing it could be a trap, Ron advises Rock against this proposal, but Rock, eager to find the truth, agrees, and she falls into her subconscious world, dragging Ron along. There they discover Rock as a victim of bullying, and how she is hospitalized in a comatose state until her death after being pushed off a flight of stairs. Traumatized by the memories, Rock falls into a state of despair, trapping Ron in her world as well.[8]

Ram rescues Rock from the Stagnant Soul, but instead imprisons her in a chamber and allows her to break apart from within. As Rock is mentally falling apart, Ron calls out to Rock inside her subconscious world, reminding her that all is not lost, as she is very much a unique individual even in the Threshold, and that she should now decide who she should be after accepting her past. With the aid from Ron, she succeeds in overcoming her past and wakes up, much to Ram's disappointment. Ram then sends Dead to deal with Rock.[9]

After defeating Dead, Rock and Ron confront Ram, who now claims to wish for the Threshold's destruction. Ron is seriously wounded during battle, but he nonetheless saves Rock from Ram's ruthless attacks. Believing the end is imminent, Ron comments how the Threshold, a world where willpower becomes strength, would ironically be destroyed by the very same power that it helps creates for its denizens. Rock, however, thinks Ram is hiding her true feelings, and tells Ron that she wants to help other lonely souls trapped in this world. Ron agrees to go all the way with Rock, and together with the strength of various souls' feeling that they encounter throughout their journeys, they overpower Ram and enter her inner thoughts. There they find her true identity as a lonely firefly that could not emit light, and by fulfilling the innermost wish with the aid of Rock and Ron, Ram joins the other fireflies and disappears among them.

In the aftermath, Ron continues to stay by Rock's side, as she wishes to remain in the Threshold to help other souls to fulfill their wishes and move on with their lives.[10]



  • Despite the snake-like appearance, Ron's motif is a dragon, which is explained on the author's Year of the Dragon New Year card artwork Pixiv entry in 2012.[11]


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