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ryo is a Japanese musician who plays a central role to the music group supercell as a composer and a lyricist.


ryo took lessons for piano, and later played the drums when he joined a band as a teenager. He also started composing original songs with a synthesizer.[1][2] He was introduced to the Hatsune Miku software by a friend and decided to give it a try, because he did not know any other singers at the time. This led to the popular Vocaloid song "Melt" that was uploaded to NicoNico, as well as the creation of supercell group by collaborating with several like-minded artists.[3]

Not long after, ryo came across huke's Black★Rock Shooter illustration, which prompting him to contact the artist for a collaborative project by making a song on the same character. huke accepted ryo's proposal and joined supercell as a new member.[3][4]

A number of British music groups influenced ryo's music, including but not limited to Massive Attack, Portishead, and UNKLE.[1]

Black★Rock Shooter-related work[]

For Black★Rock Shooter-related work created under supercell's name, see supercell§Black★Rock Shooter-related work

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