In both the OVA and anime, Mato Kuroi, Yomi Takanashi and Yuu Koutari go to and study in a certain school which is not given a name in either animation project.


Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)Edit

The school serves as the main setting in the real world. It does not seem to have boys so it is implied to be an all-girls school. The school's uniform is composed of a white serafuku with a navy blue collar, a navy blue scarf worn on the neck, and a navy blue skirt. The school is shown to be a train ride away from Mato's house.

The school features sports teams, where Mato (and later Yuu) is shown to be part of the basketball team, and Yomi is later part of the volleyball team.

Black★Rock Shooter (2012)Edit

Likewise in the OVA, the school serves as the main setting in the real world, and introduces Arata Kohata and Kagari Izuriha (with the latter coming to the school later) as students, and Saya Irino as the school counselor. The school now has boys (such as Takuu), and the uniform is different from the OVA. The school uniform for girls consists of a white shirt worn under a yellow coat with blue outlines, a blue ribbon tie and a dark blue skirt.

The school also features more clubs, where Yomi is instead part of the art club, and Kagari is part of the cooking club. Along with Kohata, Mato and Yuu are still part of the basketball team.


  • In the OVA, school starts on the 7th of April, Wednesday while in the Anime, school starts on the 17th of April.