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SZZU (シズ Shizu) is the third member of the Seven Apostles, featured in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. She is voiced by Yoko Hikasa.


SZZU has the appearance of a young, blonde lady wearing glasses and a spiked ornament in her forehead that looks like a coronet. She wears futuristic, orange-coloured armor resembling a dress with large shoulder pauldrons and black gloves. She does not display any particular ability in contrast to her fellow Apostles (like MZMA's control over fire, for example), and presumably centers on close combat. She wields a large, yellow blade with a uniquely shaped hilt.


SZZU is seen as a logical, delicate young woman. She cares deeply for her brother, CKRY. She is naturally curious and caring at the same time.

In the manga, CKRY has a sister complex for her; she does not deny him.

Battle Skills[]

  • Sweet Chat (スウィートチャット, Suītochatto) - Heals health over time.
  • Yellow Tiger Strike Drive (黄虎走駆, Oukosouku. Yellow Tiger Chemotactic in the English release) - SZZU along with CKRY charges head on and strikes down their opponent two times.

Manga appearance[]

SZZU's personality does not change from the game, however, the plot revolving around her is very different. It is revealed that she has no loyalty to SAHA or WRS whatsoever; she states, in the manga, that they (the aliens) were all "born to die" and under WRS' command this would likely not change, and thus she and CKRY decided to turn on WRS. It is revealed later that XNFE also resents WRS, but does not take direct action; she is the one who orders CKRY and SZZU to defeat MZMA. Afterwards, SZZU and CKRY join up with PSS, staying with them in their arctic base for over two months. Both SZZU and CKRY are later fatally wounded by WRS while trying to defend PSS; they are seen speaking with XNFE before they die.


  • Some refer to the Apostle Twins as "S&M Twins" because of the skill Sweet Chat.
  • SZZU's name (Shizu) means "silent" in Japanese.
  • In the extra scene at the end of the first volume of the manga, SZZU is the class representative in the classroom comprised of characters from the series. In this extra, MZMA exposes her as a fan of boys love books (including erotic ones).


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