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Dead Master fighting Black★Rock Shooter, with two skulls beside her

The skulls (ドクロ or 髑髏, Dokuro) are recurring entities that complement Dead Master in multiple Black★Rock Shooter titles.

Original Concept[]

The skulls appear as floating black human skulls that radiate a green glow from the eye sockets and mouths.


Two skulls appear in the Black★Rock Shooter (OVA), both of which accompany Dead Master. The skulls exhibit high agility, and can dodge Black★Rock Shooter's ★Rock Cannon shots. They attack by ramming against their opponents.

Black Rock-chan[]

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Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul[]

In Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul, Dead has two accompany skulls, whom she calls Skull-chan (スカルちゃん, Sukaru-chan). They can transform into a three-pronged spear with each prong branching out from the bottom end of the weapon.[1]

TV Anime[]

The skulls in 2012 TV anime dwarf Dead Master in size. Individually they attempt to bite their opponents, or ram into a solid object and generate shockwave in a form of indirect attack. They can also merge together and become a two-headed giant in combat.[2][3]


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