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Smiley (スマイリー, Sumairī) is the tertiary antagonist in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. He was the leader of the Education Institution cult.[1]


Smiley's main appearance is that of a man with a glossy appearance, as seen by the shine on parts of his body. He has brown hair, blue eyes, defined pink lips, a mouth like a ventriloquist's dummy, and is naked save for a long red cape that he wears. There is a cover where his crotch is. Two lines of English text form a cross on his torso, both appearing to read "education is the only one that makes people happy".

In his first combat form, Smiley's entire body grew in size and became a stark pink, while his own face became that of a robotic baby. In his second, more "evolved" final form, Smiley's body grew further in size, becoming tall enough to tower over Dead Master and Strength, and his skin became enveloped in a deep navy hue with glowing pink marks across his body and face. The marks across his face appear to form a demonic face.


Smiley is the embodiment of a God complex; A sociopathic individual who is obsessed with creating a perfect race and speaks in condescending terms. He believes himself to be enlightened and superior, and with the knowledge and wisdom to guide those in need of his "education". Deeply self-aggrandized an drunk on self-worth, Smiley is openly disgusted with humanity and views them as filthy and impure inferiors, while at the same time boasting of his own ability and right to nurture his self-professed new race under his rule and leadership. He believes humans could only be true humans with education.

His most notorious characteristic is his frequent engagement in lecherous sexual acts with young teenage girls kidnapped and brought to him by the Education Institution. Smiley speaks of such depraved acts of religious zealotry as "rituals" and "sacrifices", which he deems necessary for the purpose of finding someone who could be modified into a Hemiteos Unit and serve as a proper birthing machine for his idealized race of perfected beings. As Smiley looks down on fundamentally everyone, he cares little for the lives of others besides his own and Artemis'. This extends to the girls he views as his "precious material"; he set off bombs on a train car carrying girls who were meant to be used in his "rituals" to kill them and their would-be rescuers, and many of the girls who were brought to him lay dead in his bedroom and in the lower levels of the Education Institution's transport vehicle.

Above all, Smiley was alienated from any sense of morality or redeeming qualities. Smiley was more than willing to toss his own men at Empress as he ran out of bullets on his vehicle. He was also sexually perverted on countless instances, even extending to in combat as he felt arousal when Empress shot at him. It is later revealed that the motivation behind his actions was rooted in a sense of loneliness. Being perfected beyond humanity, he had no one at his side that could stand at his side as an equal companion, and was thus influenced by Lunatic to engage in sexual activity with as many women he could, or otherwise create the perfect partner for himself. His desire to birth a perfected race was thus a means to "leave something behind" in order to fill the void within him regarding his own perfect yet unfulfilled existence.


The leader of the Education Institution, Smiley attempts to transform selected human girls into Hemiteos Units, and give birth to hybrids of living beings and machines that he self-proclaims as the "children of god".[1] His origins are unknown, but he claims to have been perfected beyond humanity, so much so that no one was equal to him.


As the leader of the Education Institution, Smiley ruled over the entire body and could issue military operations at will, commanding over a great and threatening army equipped with several armed vehicles. Smiley himself had a seemingly bio-mechanical body that granted him superhuman abilities. While his own standard form was not suitable for combat, he could transform and modify his own body at his own discretion.

In his first combat form, his body was fairly durable and could block bullets from Empress' handgun with his forearms. In his second, more "evolved" final form, Smiley sacrifices his durability for softness as his body could easily absorb the same bullets from Empress' gun. He could also withstand a point-blank explosion from a crashing vehicle and a grenade, although his crotch was a sensitive spot. In this same form, his body was flexible and could stretch his own arms several meters long and even split his own arm in two, giving him more limbs with which he could restrain his foes. Despite his increased combative power, he was not impervious to damage and Empress' main cannon was able to defeat him with a single blast through torso.

This did not kill him, but he needed to be repaired and upgraded before battling again. With further augmentations to his body, his final form was now sufficiently resilient to withstand damage from both Dead Master and Strength, although it seemed to sacrifice his flexibility and softness in favour of raw hardness. His own physical performance was vastly augmented as he could run faster than the Hemiteos Unit's vehicles and could even punch away Black Trike in a single strike. It is implied he could subdue Dead Master and Strength entirely on his own and could also deal great damage to an empowered Empress. Despite his augmentations, Smiley was still overpowered by Empress' augmented cannon.

Smiley's personal vehicle was a pink armored automobile twice as wide as Black Trike, and sporting two chainguns on the sides which could also face backwards. These chainguns had great firepower as they were capable of puncturing Black Trike's armor and deal critical damage. Smiley could also control them remotely by snapping his fingers.

Smiley was also a bio-engineering expert capable of genetically modifying teenaged girls into Hemiteos Units, although he could not apply this universally, and needed a qualified vessel to perform this procedure.



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