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Stagnant Souls (ヨドミ, yodomi) are formerly living beings, whose souls left the living world but still have lingering attachments to their previous lives. As they cannot ascend to heaven nor descend to hell, they remain in the Threshold instead.

In the Threshold, desire and other strong emotions manifest into power, hence Stagnant Souls tend to create illusory environments to suit their needs, where they reside in attempt to live and fulfill the void left behind in their former lives. They may retain the appearance of their former selves or transform into other figures. As a result, it may not be easy to find or identify Stagnant Souls where they can blend in their environment, such as a town full of people.

Many Stagnant Souls are former human souls, but those of wild animals' souls also exist, which are regarded as much more dangerous than their human counterparts.[1]

Black Stars find and hunt for Stagnant Souls. When Stagnant Souls lose their bodies via destruction or voluntarily means, they reduce to a form resembling flaming orbs, which would either be further cleansed by dedicated personnel affiliated with Black Stars so they would become eligible for ascension,[2] or be converted into more Black Stars.[3] Those that cannot be cleansed would remain sealed at the bottom of the base of Black Stars' operation.


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