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Stella (ステラ, Sutera), also known as BRS2035[1] or simply BRS[2][3], is the protagonist in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.

She is also referred to as many other names or terms in the game, including kid (お嬢さん, Ojōsan), Gray (グレイ, Gurei), and White (ホワイト, Howaito).


BRS front

Black★Rock Shooter's appearance in the game.

Stella takes the appearance of a blue-eyed teenage, white-skinned girl with long black hair tied in uneven ponytails, with the right being shorter than the left. During battle a blue flame appears from her eye in order to increase the power of her attacks and activate abilities. Around her neck is a pair of dog tags, has a black string bikini top and she also has two scars on her midriff that resemble barcodes.

Stella has two canonical outfits throughout the course of the game.

Her first outfit is called "Normal Suit" (ノーマルスーツ, nōmaru sūtsu), which is the default outfit for Grays. She wears a black suit with a white stripe down both sleeves for the arms (while none for the legs) and the logo of the UEF-PSS on her left shoulder. Additionally, all-black gloves can be seen at the end of the sleeves. The suit is partly opened showing certain portion of her bikini top and below the suit, various pouches affixed to it. She wears black boots with a similar pattern to her jacket and a pouch on her right thigh.

Later in the game, with the original outfit heavily damaged, she obtains new clothes called "Booster Unit" (ブースターユニット, būsutā yunitto) from Nana Gray, which has a small jet engine affixed to a pair of mechanical wings mounted on the lower back of her opened up jacket, a pair of black bikini bottom-like shorts. This outfit grants better heat management during evasive maneuvers in-game.

She also possesses 2 weapons, the Black Blade and the ★Rock Cannon, which can both be upgraded to grant BRS more firepower and slashing capabilities. They have different designs than the previous weapons she had.


At the start of the game, Stella is rather silent and inexpressive, speaking very little aside from questions and responses. At this point, she appears to have low memory capacity, as things that are most obvious to most people (I.E., handshakes) are unknown to her and must be demonstrated for her.

As she bonds with the rest of the PSS members, she begins to become more interactive and sociable; she is noted to become more talkative with both friend and foe alike. As she develops more of her emotions, she begins to display a greater concern for her allies. She also discovers a more playful side, such as deliberately flying the Brunhilde improperly when Rothcol poked fun at her for smiling. At the end of a mission in Moscow, she risks her life to save a can of cherries from XNFE's attack, as it was a last memento from Rothcol.


Game Version[]

Stella was conceived in secret on October 29 2034, and was born from an artificial womb on September 22 2035. Three days later, her creator Weiler Gibson fled Moscow with Stella back to his hometown of San Francisco. However, her existence was somehow known to WRS, who ordered the aliens to search for her hiding among humans and kill them if she could not be found.[2]

Knowing that all previous clones suffered memory problems and witnessing the invading aliens' innate ability to detect the clones, Gibson began his research to help preserve Stella's memory via external device as well as a way to protect and conceal her presence before reaching natural maturity. He decided to get help after finalizing his designs, and in 2040 he revealed her existence to the UEF in order to secure the necessary manpower and resources for his plan.[2]

In 2041, despite her refusal, the surviving technicians placed the then six-year-old Stella in the capsule, which would protect her until her maturity in twelve years' time. However, in 2051, the aliens regrouped with unprecedented number of Armaments, forcing the UEF leadership to change plans. On September 25, surviving members of the UEF's Primary Support Service, who were also the last humans left on Earth, reached San Francisco and woke Stella up, three years earlier than what Gibson had planned.[2]

Alternate Game Version[]

Manga Version[]

Stella, together with Nana and at least two other Grays, was born as a clone from WRS's cells.[4] However, unlike her clone sisters, she was not known to have seen actual combat until she was waken from stasis by the Primary Support Service at a much later time.[5]

Battle Skills[]

Weapon Skills[]

  • Charge Shot - Delivers a strong penetrating shot from the Rock Cannon.
    • Burst Shot - An upgraded form of Charge Shot. Deals more damage.
    • Photon Shower - An upgraded form of Burst Shot. Does not replace Burst Shot.
  • Blade Kill - Deals massive damage to a stunned enemy with the Black Blade.
    • Iksa Blade - An upgraded form of Blade Kill.  Deals more damage.
    • BB Genocide - An upgraded form of Iksa Blade. Does not replace Iksa Blade.
  • Stun Snipe - Stuns a locked-on enemy.
    • ​G-1 Snipe - An upgraded form of Stun Snipe.
  • Vulcannon - Unleashes a rapid-fire barrage from a heavy machine gun.
    • Volcane - An upgraded form of Vulcannon. Deals more damage.
    • Vortex - An upgraded form of Volcane.  Deals more damage.
  • Tracer Gun - Fires 3 homing shots.
    • Chaser Gun - An upgraded form of Tracer Gun.  Deals more damage, fires 4 homing shots.
  • Star Comet - Fires a powerful explosive from a grenade launcher.
    • Star Comet G - An upgraded form of Star Comet. Deals more damage.
  • War Hammer - Deals damage to all enemies with a giant hammer.
    • Steel Cutter - An upgraded form of War Hammer.  Deals more damage with a chainsaw.
  • Aggressor - Boosts Attack and Defense.
  • Skill Boost - Enhances the strength of the next skill once.
  • Defender - Boosts Defense.
  • Absolute 0 - 0 damages for short period of time.
  • Regenerate - Heals HP over time.
  • Heat-Free - Reduces Heat cost to 0 for a limited time.
  • Ignition - Restores all other Skills instantly.

Passive Skills[]

  • Aftercare - Heals HP after battle. Has a 15% chance of activation.
    • Aftercare+ - An upgraded form of Aftercare. Has a 30% chance of activation.
  • Rocket Starter - Boosts Attack at the start of battle. Has a 25% chance of activation.
  • Six Pocket - Increases item effectiveness. Has a 30% chance of activation.
  • Danger Guard - Decreases damage when guarding.
  • Treasure Hunt - Increases the chances of receiving items.

NOTE: All names are from the English release of BlackRock Shooter THE GAME and may differ from the JPN release.

Manga appearance[]

Stella's characteristics barely change at all in the manga; the only difference is that her emotions are slightly intensified.

However, it is worth noting that her interaction with WRS is quite unique, as WRS deliberately attempted to push Stella's mind to beyond its breaking point by making her believe that Nana was nebladed.

Through this, Stella was nearly overcome by rage towards her "mother", but successfully managed to not succumb to it.


  • Stella's name is derived from the Latin word for star.


Video game[]



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