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Strength (ストレングス, Sutorengusu) is an original character designed by huke.


Next to nothing about Strength at the time of the character's creation is known.


Strength is a dark tan-skinned girl with brown eyes and short white hair cut straight. She wears a sleeveless black zip dress with its hood up. A large black collar with white flame designs hides her mouth and is separate from her dress while keeping her hood up. She also wears black thigh-high stockings with small white ribbons on the outer sides, and black shoes with large rings around her ankles. Strength has a tail that resembles a vertebrae.

Her most defining trait are her set of massive black prosthetic mechanical arms, which are more than half of Strength's own size.


The first illustrations of Strength were found in Black Rock Shooter Visual Works 2.

Strength would go on to be officially adapted into the Black★Rock Shooter multimedia franchise.


  • Strength is the fourth character overall in the Black★Rock Shooter series.


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