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"I am no longer a coward! I am a fighter for the cause!"
― Strength[1]

Strength (ストレングス, Sutorengusu) is a character from Black★Rock Shooter ARCANA. She is also known by the title "Fairy of Silence" (沈黙の妖精, Chinmoku no Yousei).[1]


Major Arcana: Strength
Type: Close-quarters
Height: 145cm
Weight: 33kg
Specialty: Gluttony
Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Broccoli

Strength originally served to protect the emperor as a member from a venerable warrior bloodline. She has been relieved of her duties and now follows the "Empress" BGS, a side line of the emperor's family.

She feels a sense of guilt for not being able to protect the emperor's house, and is unable to talk back when she is treated as a coward. However, every time BGS speaks to her about her hard work and trust, Strength's spirits are lifted and she renews her resolve to devote herself entirely to the Empress.[1]


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