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Strength (ストレングス, Sutorengusu) is the incarnation of the Strength character in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. Her full designation is "Hemiteos Unit Type 02: Strength".


Strength has tan skin, short white hair, and orange eyes. Her asymmetrical bangs cover her right eye, and a black and orange hairclip adorns the mid-left side of her bangs. Much of her outfit, which is black and gray with orange accents, appears to be falling apart or missing: she wears a dark gray hooded jacket reaching down to her calves, with large gray sleeves that cover her arms save for her fingers, and a large collar that has a sharp teeth pattern on the front covering her mouth. She also wears a tattered gray bodysuit with the leggings missing most of all, large gray combat shoes, and two olive green satchels holstered to her waist and shoulders. Her hands are thin and claw-like with orange fingers.


Strength has two different personalities depending on whether she has her Gigantic Arms equipped or not. Strength's main personality, which is with them equipped, is belligerent, foul-mouthed, and rough around the edges with a tendency to be irritated. She especially makes dirty threats towards Lunatic. Strength's other personality without her Gigantic Arms is the polar opposite, in which she is fearful and cowardly, and claims to disapprove of violence. These two sides of her personality conflict with each other in Drink because you are happy, each one represented in the side with her Gigantic Arm and the side without, respectively. As her Gigantic Arms are her only means of fighting, having them with her is shown to make her far more bold than without them.[1][3]

In the present time, Strength suffers from gaps in her memories and occasional headaches, and believes that Empress is the cause of her suffering. She wonders why she cannot help but hate Empress, which is due to the torture and brainwashing she was forced through by Lunatic.


BRS DF EP5-002

Empress and Strength overlook the city of Bogotá together.

Strength was an orphan who was brought to an orphanage called Lighthouse No. 8 in Bogotá, Colombia, in the early 2030s, likely after Empress and Dead Master were brought there. Her life before then is unknown, but she had lost both of her real arms and was given prosthetic arms at some point. When Strength became a Hemiteos Unit, she acquired her signature Gigantic Arms, and called herself "absolute power", naming herself after the Strength tarot card.

BRS DF EP1-104

Strength is defeated.

Strength first appears in The Good, The Bad & The Mechanics, where she is shown fighting back against a horde of Titans by herself. She angrily shouts out for Empress to appear, and soon becomes overpowered by the Titans, crying as her Gigantic Arm is removed by them. At some point after, both her and Dead Master were captured, put up on crosses, and appear to have been manipulated with.

BRS DF EP2-015

Strength charges at Empress.

Strength appears again at the end of The Good, The Bad & The Mechanics, where she leaps off of her Black Trike to crush a tank-type Titan that Empress failed to destroy completely. After coldly greeting Empress, she attacks her and attempts to kill her by blowing up a tank trucker she throws upon her, only to find it was empty. Strength continues attacking Empress and tries to fire missiles from her Gigantic Arm at her, but is intercepted by Empress' own Black Trike, who rams into her and causes all her missiles to miss. Empress escapes on Black Trike, and Strength has another headache as she sees a memory of herself being seemingly manipulated. She shouts in frustration and curses Empress before getting on her motorbike and leaving to go elsewhere.

Later, Strength observes the beehives of swarm-type Titans from afar and witnesses Empress summoning the Coilgun in its entirety. When Empress is about to be bombarded by swarm-type Titans, Strength suddenly appears and protects her with her Gigantic Arm. She berates Empress for struggling for a fight that Strength sees as pointless. Empress calmly replies that she fights because she is able to, and Strength retorts by saying that a kid like Norito isn't worth caring about, but Empress tells her there's no such thing as a human who isn't worth caring about. Strength remembers Lighthouse No. 8, and annoyed, she takes off on her motorbike again, wondering why she can't help but hate Empress.


According to producer Hiroyasu Shinohara, Dead Master and Strength's characterization were harder to portray than Empress's, and huke suggested making the latter to have a sharp contrast in personality when she has her Gigantic Arms attached or not.[4]


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