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Strength (ストレングス, Sutorengusu) is the incarnation of the Strength character in Black★Rock Shooter OVA. She is implied to be the the other self of Yuu.


Strength is a dark tan-skinned girl with brown eyes and short white hair cut straight. She wears a sleeveless black zip dress with its hood up. A large black collar with white flame designs hides her mouth and is separate from her dress while keeping her hood up. She also wears black thigh-high stockings with small white ribbons on the outer sides, and black shoes with large rings around her ankles. Strength has a tail that resembles a vertebrae.

Her brown eyes have a concentric circle pattern in them.


Nothing is shown of her personality.



Strength is briefly shown throughout the OVA atop a cliff in another part of the Hollow World. After she jumps off the cliff, she is not seen again afterwards.

Her human counterpart is implied to be Yuu as they are the most similar to each other in appearance, though nothing is explicitly shown of whatever connection they may have.


  • Strength was presumed to be approaching Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master in their battle, but it is unknown where her true destination was or what role she had in the OVA at all.


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