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supercell is a Japanese musical group. It centers on ryo, who is the sole musician of the group, with other members acting in support role, such as art provision and administration.[1]


The group's origin started with ryo's Vocaloid song "Melt" on Niconico (then known as Nico Nico Douga), which featured a fan art of Hatsune Miku drawn by 119 but was used without their permission or even knowing the source. ryo was soon contacted by the artist about the unauthorized use of their image, and as the latter also expressed a great interest in ryo's work, the two collaborated together with 119's fellow artists and other friends, who would form the group supercell.[1]

ryo later came across huke's Black★Rock Shooter illustration, which inspired him to write a song on the same character. huke agreed to ryo's proposal and joined supercell, providing artwork and animations for the music video.[1][2]

supercell signed to Sony Music and made their major debut with their first professional release album, also named supercell, in 2009.[3]

Black★Rock Shooter-related work[]

For Black★Rock Shooter-related work created on ryo's name only, see ryo§Black★Rock Shooter-related work

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