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Synthetic (シンセティック, Shinsetikku), also known as Mil-Spec Child (ミルスペック・チャイルド, Mirusupekku Chairudo), Designed Soldier (デザインド・ソルジャー, Dezaindo Sorujā), Advanced (アドヴァンスド, Adovansudo) among other names, is a type of humanoid soldier featured in Black★Rock Shooter FRAGMENT.[1]


Synthetics were soldiers created with synthetic genes via genetic and molecular engineering, and were designed to be immune from Innocent Cloud's biological weapon that was highly lethal to unvaccinated humans. Although a vaccine was developed specifically against the said weapon, vaccination was still not widely available, hence synthetics took over the combat role as strikers against Innocent Cloud and EXMATA.[1]

As artificially created soldiers, synthetic strikers were conditioned to rely on and take orders from human field commanders. They were not trained to become officers due to human's mistrust of their created beings, and as a result they were prone to disorder in the absence of commander.[2] They were also conditioned to be forbidden from pointing their armaments towards human beings, a trait that was exploited by humanoid type EXMATA, who could potentially carry out a pre-emptive strike on synthetic strikers while they were still hesitating.[3]

Each synthetic was implanted with a soul chip (ソウルチップ, Souruchippu) inside their brains, which would record information on the host synthetic's brain activity and endocrine system status. By uploading the information to a remote storage regularly, these chips served as part of a backup system; should a synthetic suffer serious wounds, including those that would normally be fatal to human beings, they could be rejuvenated by recreating lost body parts from molecular printers based on the latest updated information on storage. However, such rejuvenation were not without problems, as a synthetic might suffer from memory loss and emotional instability due to desynchronization, and there were rumors of past incidents where strong electromagnetic pulse from EXMATA could damage soul chip's record, causing the host synthetic to regenerate into an entirely different person afterwards. Synthetics could no longer be "revived" if the host soul chip was damaged or destroyed, and despite their resilience from battle wounds, synthetics were not immune from aging, as their telomere could not be tinkered with.[4][5][6]


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