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The bird on The Tiny Bird & the Colors' cover

The Tiny Bird & the Colors (ことりとりいろいろのいろ, Kotoritori Iroiro No Iro), also known as The Little Bird and her Million Colors in English dub by Sound Cadence Studios, is a fictional children's book featured in Black★Rock Shooter 2012 TV anime.


The Tiny Bird & the Colors is depicted in a picture book format, with all Japanese text written in hiragana. The story follows a small white bird that flies around the world of many colors,[1] but as it traveled the colors on the wings eventually blended together, causing the bird to lose its hues into a black color. Ultimately it fell off the sky and died.[2][3]

Yomi Takanashi has the first edition of the book, which features a different jacket from the later editions.[1]


Mato Kuroi had been an avid reader of The Tiny Bird & the Colors before coming to middle school. There she became friends with Yomi Takanashi, who noticed the bird-shaped charm on Mato's phone and shared a common interest of the book. Yomi then showed her self-drawn mobile wallpaper based on the book's first edition jacket, which Mato had not seen before. Although hesitant at first, Yomi invited Mato to her house and showed her the first edition of the book.[1]






  • The book's illustrations are drawn by Kazuhiro Hotchi.[4]
  • Good Smile Company offered phone wallpapers in eight different resolutions on its website, but the images are no longer accessible as of September 9, 2023.


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