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The Threshold[1] (ハザマ, Hazama) is a realm between life and death. Souls who left the living world but still have lingering attachments to their previous lives cannot ascend to heaven nor descend to hell, and they reside in the Threshold as Stagnant Souls.

The general landscape of the Threshold is that of a barren land covered with checkered tiles, as well as occasional plateaus, crevices, and ruins of man-made structures. According to Ram, the rules that govern the Threshold is not the same as those in the living world.[2][3] Desires and other intense willpower are the main sources of power in this world. As a result, the Threshold is host to many illusory environments created by Stagnant Souls, such as towns, forest, or a specific building, where they live in attempt to linger to their past lives, but such places will only last until their creators disappear, either via destruction or other voluntary means, such as fulfilling a wish and becoming willing to move on with their lives.


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