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The tiger is a Stagnant Soul that appears in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


The tiger is one of the rare and more dangerous Stagnant Souls in the Threshold, as its soul is not of the humans, but rather one from a wild animal. It creates an illusory bamboo forest as its territory.

Due to its threat, two Black Stars, Rock and Acta, are assigned to retrieve the tiger's soul. During battle, Rock saw part of the tiger's past: it was lured out and killed by hunters using its cub as a bait, which left it in great remorse even after death. This revelation left Rock wide open to the tiger's attack, and only to be saved by Acta's interference. After dealing a heavy blow to the tiger, Acta let her guard down, believing the battle is over. However, this in turn allows the tiger to lunge towards Acta and fatally wound her. Rock then regains her posture and finishes off the tiger with a cannon shot.[1]


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