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The Tower

The Tower (塔, tou) is a structure that appears in Black★Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul.


The Tower is a tall, black structure with a white star near the roof. It stands on open ground surrounded by a ring of buildings.

The Tower serves as a base of operation for Black Stars with multiple rooms and connecting hallways. Former Stagnant Souls are kept in cages so that they can be cleansed and may be qualified for ascension. Those that cannot be cleansed are stored in the room of reposing souls (鎮魂房, Chinkon bou) deep below the Tower via multiple flights of stairs.[1]

Other notable locations also exist within the Tower:

  • Black Stars' birthplace, where undeployed Black Stars are held inside cages.[2]
  • A large hall featuring a board of black and white pieces that represents Black Stars and Stagnant Souls is used by a group of authoritative entities to monitor the ongoing conflict and make strategic decisions.[3]
  • A wall of tiles featuring stars and numbers track Black Stars' status.[4][5]
  • A room with multiple tablets on pedestals where Black Stars receive their missions.[4]
  • A tall circular chamber containing Black Stars imprisoned by Ram is located on top of the Tower.[5][6]


Dead led Rock to the lowest level of the Tower, where Stagnant Souls that could not be be purified were kept in stasis. She then released one and invoked them to draw out their memory and emotions before consuming their soul. In the aftermath, Dead encourages Rock to discover her own past so she can one day claim her soul as well.[1]

Nico visited the Black Stars' birthplace for a replacement after Acta died fighting to a tiger.[3]

Shortly after Ram rescued Rock from a "Type D" Stagnant Soul, she imprisons the mentally broken Black Star in a chamber located at the top of the tower and allowed her to break apart from within. However, Rock overcame her troubled past with Ron's help and woke up.[5]

Ram then allowed Dead, who longed to consume Rock's soul, to duel Rock on the spot. The battle caused significant to the chamber, alerting Jiou, who then went up to investigate, while Ram observed the two Black Stars dueling each other.[6]

The Tower was demolished by Dead when she transformed into a Stagnant Soul and attempted to smash her way out of the Threshold.[7]



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