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Unmanned forces near Orbital Elevator

The Unmanned Forces (無人軍隊, Mujinguntai) make up one of the main antagonists in Black★★Rock Shooter DAWN FALL. They are legions of unmanned drones sent by Artemis to hunt down humans and kill them or capture them for the Iron Ocean. The Unmanned Forces are the primary enemies of those who are fighting back in the war against Artemis, as many of them roam the Earth.


The machines, also referred to as drones, were under direct command of Artemis. They came in several types, with the infantry type Titans being the most numerous. Most, if not all, of the machines were combat capable, but some of them were also designed for utility. One such example was the Gigantes, which transported captured humans and fed them to Iron Oceans.[1]

The Unmanned Forces also cooperated with the Education Institution at times, such as escort duty or coordinated attacks.[2][3][4]


The initial Unmanned Forces comprised of unmanned machines from various armed forces around the world that were remotely hacked by Artemis, who used them to rebel against mankind.[5] By 2062, Artemis would manufacture its own machine army, and according to the Colonel, Dead Master, and Strength, such machines were created from Iron Oceans that nested Arche nanomachines, which absorbed all sorts of life and matters upon contact, and converted them into raw material for production..[6]


Titans is derived from the Ancient Greek word Τιτᾶν (Tītā́n). In Greek Mythology, the Titans were the generation of deities that preceded the Olympian gods, who were their offspring. After a battle between them known as the Titanomachy, the Titans were overthrown by the Olympian gods and banished to Tartarus in the underworld.

Gigantes is derived from the Ancient Greek word Γίγαντες (Gígantes). In Greek Mythology, the Gigantes were a race of giants who fought against the Olympian gods in a battle known as the Gigantomachy. Like the Titans before them, the Gigantes were defeated by the Olympian gods.



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