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WRS, also known as Sing Love (シング・ラブ, Shingu Rabu) among humans as well as the General (総督, Sōtoku) among the aliens, is a character from Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.



WRS's Game Appearance.

WRS's appearance consists of a white and magenta futuristic outfit as a theme. She wields a giant curved scythe (as big as her) named "White Scythe" with ease. She also wields a Rock Cannon and a 'White Blade'. She has two white "wings" sticking out of her back, composed of four smaller wings each. In her EX mode, these become more apparent to angel wings, with a halo like object on the far back. These can engulf themselves in magenta flames while in battle. Both wings have a black star on them.

Parallel to BRS, her flame is on the right side rather than left and its color is magenta. Her hair is separated into two even long twintails.

Her appearance appears to be similar to the original Black★Rock Shooter, but taller and more complicated and the main colors are magenta and white, compared to Black★Rock Shooter's black and blue color theme.


WRS appears to be immune to most peoples' personal concerns, and will very easily brush off any conversation that does not interest her. However, in actuality, she is naturally very curious and has poor impulse control. She does not handle boredom very well either. She is much stronger than BRS, which makes her very confident in her abilities.


WRS is an extraterrestrial being that arrived on Earth in a human form as Sing Love on 24th December 2031, nearly 20 years before the story of BRS THE GAME. As a "human" she resides in San Francisco as a singer named Sing Love. Her song was very popular and became a chart hit, with her image appearance on posters in cities such as San Francisco and New York. Despite her popularity, little was known about her identity.

She later worked with Professor Gibson and participated in human cloning. She is the source of the Gray clones, including Nana and Stella, of which the latter is addressed as "White" and is considered the perfect clone of WRS.

Apart from the end of the tutorial, WRS did not make appearance in the game until the end. Her identity was hinted by the Sing Love posters dotted in cities, as well as the aliens addressing her indirectly as the "Governor" (総督, Soutoku).

Stella confronts WRS in Moon Terrace, where she presumably resides for the duration of the game. It is revealed that everything was behind her doing: Be it the alien invasion, mankind's destruction, and her clones, they were all part of her "game". Among those her most desired "game" is to fight against her perfect clone.

Battle Skills[]

  • World Maker (メイキングワールド, Meikingu Wārudo) - Boosts her Attack stats and enables life recovery for a short period of time.
  • Dead End (デッドエンド, Deddo Endo) - WRS rotates her scythe counterclockwise, forming multiple pink cannonballs, aiming it at BRS.

EX Mode[]

  • White Doctrine (ホワイトドクトリン, Howaito Dokutorin) - She is completely immune to damage and possibly effects from any BRS's battle skills. This effect may last very long; WRS can only be damaged by normal attacks.
  • Grateful Sun Ray (グレイトフル サン レイ, Gureitofuru San Rei) - WRS transforms her large wings and cannon into a giant-turret like cannon. At the top, a sun like figure begins to rotate counterclockwise, charging a very large energy ball, and WRS fires from behind. The large energy ball can be damaged and can divide itself until it/they hit BRS or if it/they was seriously damaged a lot.

Manga appearance[]

WRS is shown to be infinitely more complex in the manga in terms of morality and rationale than she was in the game; rather, the manga reveals her past to the reader whereas the game does not.

Screenshot - 2013 05 20 , 22 01 53

WRS deliberately pushes Stella's mind beyond its breaking point.

After she came to the Earth with her Apostles and began the invasion, she took up her position in San Francisco as Sing Love. Professor Gibson and WRS work together to create the Grays (and, ultimately, the White). To Professor Gibson, the project is a ray of hope for the war; in actuality, it is revealed that WRS only aided in cloning so that she may neblade her clones to become stronger.

However, after some time of living on Earth and having contact with Gibson, her thoughts began to shift. Professor Gibson invited her one day to see her new clones, saying that they were a very cute bunch. When Gibson takes her to have a look at the clones, instead of saying "they look cute," she instinctively says, "they look delicious". Gibson realizes that this was her alien nature and demands that she withdraw from the facility for fear of the clones' safety. WRS is hurt by his words, and when she returns home, she speaks to SAHA, saying that she's decided to stop everything and try to live peacefully on Earth with Gibson. Soon after, however, Gibson arrives at her home and shoots her. WRS cries out, "I believed in you!!!" as Gibson proceeds to blow himself up with a nuclear grenade in order to destroy her. WRS survives, and her hatred for humans is re-ignited tenfold.



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