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Weiler Gibson[1] (ワイラー・ギブソン, Wairā Gibuson) is a supporting character in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME.


Gibson is depicted as a man with mustache and a short beard in the game. In addition to a pair of round rimmed glasses, whose reflection covers his eyes, he also wears a white collared shirt with a dark necktie under an also dark colored sleeveless sweater, as well as a belt and dark trousers.

In the manga adaptation, Gibson has darker hair with an unshaven face. He also has a typical scientist appearance with square glasses, a lab coat, an unbuttoned shirt, and dark trousers.


Game Version[]

Gibson was born in November 7, 1999.[2]

In the summer of 2032, Gibson negotiated with his university to secure funding for cloning research, hoping to embrace the technology to eliminate global hunger, but it was rejected due to ethical concerns. Soon afterwards he was contacted by the private military contractor D'dario Next, which caught wind of Gibson's expertise, but Gibson did not accept its offer when he learned that D'dario Next wanted to use the technology on cloning soldiers.[2]

D'dario Next approached Gibson again in December of the same year. The meeting was arranged by the United States government, and by that time one month had elapsed since aliens invaded Earth, with 2/3 of human global population already wiped out. Knowing the severity of the situation, Gibson agreed to help D'dario Next in creating clones to fight off the aliens.[2]

After a number of failures, the first cloning breakthrough came in the form of an artificially enhanced clone, who exhibited great combat performance, but at the same time suffered from memory problems and sudden inoperability. Gibson was pressured by his superiors to produce the second generation of clones before he could find out the source of the first generation's issues.[2]

The second generation of clones, now known as Grays, also had the same problem, and knowing that they would be expendable in battle, Gibson reluctantly sent them off to the UEF. One of the clones was born a day later than the rest of the sisters, whom Gibson named Nana due to his affinity to the number seven.[2][3]

Although D'dario Next planned to terminate cloning development after learning that the second generation of clones had the same recurring problems as the first, Gibson, who still believed in the enhanced clones as the only way to defeat the aliens, convinced them to give him one more chance. He produced a third generation of clones that had no improvements from the previous generations, while using that time to prepare his true intention: creating Stella with older cloning technology. Soon after Stella was born in 2035, Gibson fled Russia back to San Francisco with the newly born clone.[2][4]

Gibson would spend the next few years looking after Stella as a househusband in the relatively peaceful San Francisco, while working on solutions to solve the teething memory issues that all clones suffered. However, San Francisco was eventually attacked by aliens in 2039. Gibson and Stella narrowly escaped them in the WEBTUBE, and realizing that the aliens could detect clones, Gibson conducted research for a capsule would protect Stella until she became combat ready.[4]

With the capsule's design complete, Gibson contacted the UEF in January 2040 to reveal Stella's existence, as well as to secure the manpower and resources necessary to materialize his plan. As the UEF became increasingly desperate, its leadership accepted Gibson's proposal, and treated Stella as mankind's last hope.[4]

The UEF sent technicians to help Gibson, and the capsule was completed by December 2040. Later that month, however, a mob numbering nearly one hundred people stormed Gibson's laboratory in search of food, and despite the presence of armed security, some manage to evade them and fatally wounded Gibson. Surprised at the irony of his death by the hands of other humans, Gibson accepted his fate as a form of punishment for transforming his beloved Stella into a living weapon.[4]

Manga Version[]

Sometime after the alien invasion, Gibson met WRS in private. He deeply admired her songs, which he said to have taught him the value of love. As a result he named her "Sing Love", a name that WRS that didn't appreciate at first, but it grew on her eventually.[5]

Gibson and Sing Love became close over time, and the latter ordered the aliens to scale back their attack on humans as part of top secret negotiation. With Sing Love's help, Gibson successfully carried out cloning research using her cells, albeit with technological difficulties, and showed her his results.[6]

One day, he brought Sing Love to the research facility where her clones were being raised. However, he became enraged when Sing Love, who couldn't hide her instincts, saw the clones as potential food, and ordered her to leave. Wanting to protect the children, he evacuated the facility and remained behind. When Sing Love returned the next day to apologize, Gibson believed that she couldn't change, and detonated a nuclear bomb in an attempt to bring her down. However, this failed to kill Sing Love, and only drove her to despair and ordered the aliens to resume extermination on mankind.[7][6]



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