Yomi's Mother.

Bearing a slight resemblance to Yomi, her daughter, she is a pale skinned female with black hair pulled into a pony tail. She appears to pity Kagari similar to the way Yomi does, though until Mato pointed it out she never pitied her own daughter. She made a few brief appearances and talked with Mato while Kagari was in the hospital for twisting her wrist.

She is greatly worried when Yomi becomes more and more unstable. It is believed that she blames Mato, yelling at her when she announces her name. It could also have been because she didn't want Yomi's friends seeing her in that chaotic state

She is later shown, looking sadly at her daughters room, which Yomi has left in tatters

When hearing about her daughters episode at school, she comes to pick her up

She is last seen when Yomi and Kagari head off the school, telling them to take care