Yuu (ユウ Yuu) is a supporting character in the OVA by Ordet. Her "other self" is implied to be Strength.



Yuu talking with Mato trying to comfort her.

Yuu has choppy tawny hair and golden brown eyes. She is also very short in stature, much more so than Mato Kuroi or Yomi Takanashi.


Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)Edit

Yuu is excitable and perky; however, she is shown to have a dark side. She is also very possessive of Mato, and has an awkward time whenever she is hanging out with Yomi.


Yuu first appears when Mato gets injured during basketball practice, and she tends to Mato.

She is a first year student who becomes accelerated to second year. She ends up as the main cause of Yomi's fall into possession by Dead Master, as her possessiveness of Mato and the fact it is difficult for the three to be as close as two of them would be which creates jealousy inside Yomi.

When Yomi vanishes, Yuu encourages Mato to cheer up, although she seems more concerned about Mato than Yomi.

After Yomi and Mato reconcile, they invite Yuu to come along with them. However, Yuu feels "left out" somehow and approaches them with a dark expression. It is implied she is the next problem Mato or Black★Rock Shooter will have to face.

Her "other self" is not explicitly shown but is implied to be Strength as the two have the same hairstyle, and Strength is shown to be ominously approaching the fighting Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master while Yuu's dark feelings are starting to surface.

Trivia Edit

  • Yuu's last name was never shown in the OVA. The 2012 anime gives the anime Yuu incarnation a surname of "Koutari"; however, this may or may not apply to the OVA.

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