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Yuu (ユウ, Yuu) is a supporting character in Black★Rock Shooter OVA. It is implied that her other self is Strength.


Yuu has choppy tawny hair and hazel eyes. She is also very short in stature, much more so than Mato Kuroi or Yomi Takanashi, standing at about 146-150cm. She wears the same blue and white school uniform as they do and sometimes wears black leggings.


Yuu is excitable and perky; however, she is shown to have a dark side to her. While she is close to Mato, she also seems to be very possessive of her. Although she seems to want to be on good terms with Yomi, she has an awkward time hanging out with her. She acts antagonistically when it comes to Yomi after the latter disappears, and even insists to Mato to give up on trying to find her, as Yuu assumes she will come back later.



Yuu first appears when Mato gets injured during basketball practice, and she tends to her. In the girls' second year of school, Yuu and Mato end up in the same class together while Yomi is in a separate class. As Yuu and Mato become close friends, Yomi becomes jealous of their friendship and disappears into possession by Dead Master. After Yomi disappears, Yuu encourages Mato to cheer up, although she seems more concerned about Mato than Yomi.


At the end of the OVA, after Mato and Yomi reconcile, they invite Yuu to come along with them. Yuu wordlessly approaches them with a dark expression on her face, implying her own feelings of jealousy.

Her other self is implied to be Strength as they are the most similar to each other in appearance, though nothing is explicitly shown of whatever connection they may have.


  • Unlike Mato and Yomi, Yuu does not have a known last name.
  • "Yuu" is written in katakana, which has no meaning by itself.


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