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"I'm good at taking orders? No... it's just too much trouble to doubt you."
― Yuzuki[1]

Yuzuki (ユズキ, Yuzuki) is a character in Black★Rock Shooter FRAGMENT. She is the leader of Bunny1.



Yuzuki is the inspiring and intuitive leader of her unit. She apparently has never been shot in battle before, which is owed to her oddly good luck.


Affiliation: Bunny1
Code Name: Bunny11
ID: SC3309A3
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Birthday: May 9th
Height: 166cm
Weight: 47kg
Class: Sergeant
Hobby: Cooking
Things I'm not good at: Based on precise calculations
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Hated Food: Spicy things

She is the leader of the "Bunny1" unit and a cheerful mood maker.

Because of her keen intuition and unusual luck, she has rarely been hit by bullets in the lead so far, but she is not good at formulating detailed actions and thoughts, and sometimes abandons them abruptly. She is nicknamed the "Assault Elf" for this type of thinking and her preference for her role as a member of the assault team.

Because of her intuitive judgment and good instincts, she tends to increase the hit and evasion rates of the troops he commands.

Not only Yuzuki, but the entire Bunny1 team as a whole is influenced by the fact that they were trained as "demi-human soldiers" because they are newcomers, and they tend to look down on "naturally occurring people" more strongly than veteran members.



Bunny1 Relationship Chart

Player character[]

Although told that she is good at taking orders, Yuzuki claims it's "too much trouble" to doubt the player.


Yuzuki sees Hu-rin as a partner. Hu-rin watches over Yuzuki from a reasonable distance.


Yuzuki sees Nara like a little sister, and Nara depends on Yuzuki like an older sister.


  • Yuzuki was designed by kwgc.



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