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SAHA (ザハ, Zaha) is one of the Seven Apostles, a group of seven leaders of the invasion against Earth. SAHA is considered to be the leader of the Seven Apostles.


SAHA's appearance is of an old man wearing nothing but long jet-black pants. There are thorn-like chains across his topless chest. His head has a very short thorn across his head down to his chin just like MZMA's but it represents a crown with thorns. He also wears black gloves with several detached bracelets on his arms.

SAHA was shown to be wearing a very large battle-suit to stop Black★Rock Shooter from advancing towards White Rock Shooter, as well as to transfer Nana Gray to White Rock Shooter with XNFE.

His attacks consists of long-range and physical close-range attacks.


SAHA is generally regarded as a respectable elder. He is genuinely interested in Stella's growth as a fighter, and in his extra missions, even takes her temporarily as his own disciple in training. He is extremely devoted to WRS, and follows her will without question.

Battle Skills[]

  • Dragon's Call (ドラゴンズコール, "Doragonzukōru") - Boosts his Attack stats, then his Defense stats.
  • Pneumatic Retsuden Machine Fist (マシン式空烈拳, "Mashin-shiki kuu Retsu ken". Machine Sky Fist in the English release) - SAHA launches hundreds of rockets from his Battle Suit. Impossible to tell when or how many will they fall.

Manga appearance[]

SAHA has full and complete loyalty in WRS, and remains so until the end. However, unlike the game, SAHA does not encounter Stella in combat. For the majority of the plot, SAHA remains within the Apostles' chambers within the mothership. After the battle between WRS and Stella, he is seen carrying WRS away through a portal as the moon palace crumbles around them. From the dialogue near the end, it is hinted that he is also the one who sends Stella back to Nana on Earth.


  • In his character episode, SAHA neblades a cat. When he tells XNFE about it, his speech is marred by feline exaggerations.
  • SAHA is a master of Universe/Cosmic Karate, and is voiced by the same man who voices Master Asia in G Gundam, drawing fairly obvious parallels between the characters.


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